Salem County's Community Theatre!

Oakwood Summer Theatre Company, Inc. was founded by Bill Donald in 1981. It grew out of a very strong high school drama program called Ram Theatre at Salem High School. The summer productions provided students, former students, and other interested adults with an outlet to hone their acting or theatre production skills. When Bill Donald left Salem, Tom Mason took over as managing director of Oakwood Summer Theatre in 1987. For most of the life of the company, productions were held at Salem High School. Since 1997, Oakwood Summer Theatre

has been in residence at the Salem Community College.

One of the purposes of the group is to produce three quality shows each summer. While the number of show has varied annually, the two basic shows each year are a musical and a children's show with child actors. The third show is often a comedy, mystery or a children's show with adult actors participating as well.

Recent superlatives awarded to Oakwood Summer Theatre include:

     .     Best of Salem County 2014 "Arts" Winner!

Oakwood Summer Theatre holds numerous records in Salem County theater history:

     .     Longest running community theatre program

     .     Most people in attendance at one show

     .     Most people in attendance for an entire season

     .     Most people in attendance over the lifetime of the program

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