"The Runner Stumbles" (2014)


Q. What is your policy on tickets?

A. For the straight show and the mainstage musical tickets are sold in general. That means you can buy tickets from a cast member without committing to a necessary date. However if you know for certain what date you are coming please feel free to let a cast member know so they can alert the box office as to how many people to expect that night. For the children's show tickets will be sold by show date as we have groups who come in the mornings and expect shows to sell out in the evenings due to the number of people involved. If you have bought tickets for a certain date and can no longer attend that performance please call the box office as soon as you can.

Q. If I have a cast member leave tickets for me at the box office will I be able to pick them up?

A. Yes

Q. How much does it cost to be in a show?

A. Once you or your child is casted in one of our shows the director will explain at the first rehearsal that it costs $35 to participate in our shows during the summer. If you have a sibling doing the show with you, the cost is $35 for the first sibling then $25 for the second sibling.This $35 price applies to all shows you do. For example, if you are in both the children's show and the mainstage musical you only have to pay this price once.

Q. What is the age requirement to be in the straight show?

A. The age requirement depends on the show being done. Generally anyone 18 or older is encouraged to audition though exceptions are made for interested high school students if the show allows for it.

Q. What is the age requirement to be in the children's show

A. Anyone ages 8-18 can audition for the show.

Q. What is the age requirement to be in the mainstage musical?

A. Generally we accept anyone ages 13 and older. However if the show requires for younger characters (for example "The Music Man") we will post what the revised age requirements will be.

Q. What is the general rehearsal schedule for the straight show?

A. Because the straight show is usually a smaller, intimate cast the director usually waits until after everyone is casted and they have a better idea of their schedules before deciding which days to practice. Generally rehearsals for the straight show will start in May and take place in the evenings from Mondays to Thursdays (ex: 7pm-9pm).

Q. What is the general reshearsal schedule for the children's show?

A. Rehearsals usually start the Monday after most schools have let out for the summer (ex: June 22nd, 2015) and will be held in the mornings from Mondays to Thursdays from 9:30-12:30 during the first two weeks and increasing until about 2pm the week before the show and the practices leading up to the show.

Q. What is the general rehearsal schedule for the mainstage musical?

A. Rehearsals usually start the first Monday in June and take place in the evenings starting around 7pm from Mondays to Thursdays. Practices in the first month will usually let out by 9pm and may increase as the rehearsal period goes on and we begin to do full run-throughs of the whole show.


Q. Where are auditions held?

A. Auditions for all three shows are usually held in Davidow Hall of the Salem Community College. The mainstage musical and straight show auditions typically happen in the Davidow Theatre while the children's show auditions typically take place in Room 109 (the meeting room/classroom where music rehearsals will take place),

Q. Where do I go upon arriving at Davidow Hall?

A. Generally we ask that you head to the main lobby of Davidow Hall first where there will be an Oakwood board member there who will ask you to first fill out an audition sheet and photo release/insurance form before heading to each audition area. Feel free to ask a board member or helper where each audition area is located.

Q. Are the audition forms available online?

A. Yes. You can download the audition sheet here and can download the photo release/insurance form here. We still recommened heading to the lobby of Davidow Hall upon arrivng to double check with a board member/helper that you have everything filled out and to verify where to go for each audition.

Q. Can I attach a resume and headshot with my audition form?

A. Yes

Q. How many people will be in the room when I audition?

A. Generally we will have the director and music director in the room of auditions as well as anyone else who is currently there to audition as well. Our auditions are not necessarily closed to just the show's stafff and a single person auditioning as we do not have the space for anyone to sit outside of the room while waiting. Also if we have a big number of people waiting to audition it could become a safety hazard with the hallways filling up. The open audition room is to show that everyone is very supportive of one another when auditioning and helps that person really feel like a "star" as they get to perform for an invested audience. The open auditions also helps us see who we can use for the group cold readings. We do ask though that if you notice someone is singing before entering the room (for example Room 109) that you wait until the applause to enter the room if there are seats available.

Q. What will I be expected to do at auditions?

A. At all three auditions you will be asked to read from the script. For the children's show and mainstage musical you will also be asked to prepare a song from your choice. The music director will also usually test your vocal range by doing scales with you.

Q. Am I allowed to sing a song from the show for auditions for the children's show or mainstage musical?

A. Currently we ask that you not prepare a song from the show.

Q. How much of my song should I prepare

A. While you can prepare the whole song, generally it will probably be best to prepare 32 measures of a song or start at a place in the song where your talent and voice is best on display. The reason we say this is if we have a substantial amount of people waiting to audition or have heard all we need to hear we will most likely stop you so we can move on to your scales and cold reading. Remember, it is not a bad thing if we stop during your singing if we have heard all we need to hear.

Q. Will there be a pianist available at auditions or something to play a karaoke CD?

A. Yes. You can also devices such as Ipod, mobile device or Ipad if they are loud enough to play a track on and be heard.

Q. Will there be a microphone to sing in at auditions?

A. No. Since we generally do not use microphones at our performances (with the exception of the floor mics at the edge of the stafe) we want to hear how well you will be able to project your voice.

Q. What is a cold reading?

A. A cold reading is when you are given an excerpt from the script to read, without having seen it before, and asked to read for a certain character. Generally you are given a few seconds to look over what you are reading. Generally for our shows the cold readings are done in groups with anywhere from 2 or more people reading a scene together.

Q. Why aren't the readings given out beforehand?

A. The reason the readings aren't given out beforehand is to test one's naturalness and willingness to adapt and take direction when given something on the spot. It is not meant to be a high pressure situation but to see how one is able to read for a character without having seen the material before. Cold readings also help the director gauge b stage posture, inflections when reading, ability to interact with other people  and more.

Q. When I audition does it have to be for a certain part?

A. No. If there is a certain character you really would like to be you can always prepare a song that is similar in style, character, and range to the person you are hoping to be casted as.

Q. If auditions are from 6pm to 9pm do I have to be there the entire time period?

A. No. You can come to auditions anytime between the time period. It will help to arrive earlier as the later you arrive the more likely there will be a chance of having to wait longer for auditions. If you can help it try not to come too late to auditions (for example: 8:55pm).

Q. Do I have to attend both nights of auditions?

A. No. We have two nights of auditions to give as many people as possible the chance to audition.

Q. I can't make auditions but I really want to be in the show. What should I do?

A. If you can't make it to auditions because of a conflict please feel free to contact us through email, Facebook or phone and we will give you instructions on who to send an email to. When emailing the director/music director of the show you wanted to audition for feel free to include the audition sheet (located towards the beginning of this page) and (if auditioning for a musical) a video of your singing.

Q. How will I be contacted about callbacks/casting after auditions?

A. For both you will be contacted either by email or phone. The cast list will also be posted online as well.


Q. What are callbacks?

A. In the event that we have callbacks (we will make sure it is specified) callbacks are when the staff calls a certain amount of people back to read and sing for the leading roles in the show using specific material from the show.

Q. I did not receive a callback. Does this mean I am not in the show?

A. If you did not receive a callback it does not mean you aren't in the show. All casting decisions and cuts won't be made until after callbacks.

Q. What should I prepare for callbacks?

A. The staff of each show will usually specify if you have to prepare anything and what material they will want you to look over.

Q. How many people will be casted in the straight show?

A. The casting of the straight show typically depends on the number of characters there are.

Q. How many children will be casted for the children's show?

A. Generally we try not to make any cuts as we want to be able to accomodate as many people as we can. However, if we have a very large amount of people audition (ex: 100 or more) we will probably cast 75 people.

Q. How many people will be casted for the mainstage musical?

A. Generally we try not to make any cuts as we want to be able to accomodate as many people as we can. However, if we have a very large amount of people audition (ex: 100 or more) we will probably cast 75 people.


Q. Now that I am in the cast are there any other committments I will have to make?

A. Generally we ask that those in the cast also help in selling tickets, selling advertisements for the play program and aiding in finding their own costume if necessary. A good goal to strive for when selling tickets would be to try to sell at least 10 tickets. If the costumer does not neccessarily have anything for your costume they will give you specific instructions on what to look for so you can aid in getting your costume.

Q. What snacks/drinks can I bring to rehearsals?

A. There aren't necessarily any rules as to what you can't bring with you to rehearsals. However, when rehearsing in the Davidow Theatre the only beverage you may drink in that space is water and you also cannot eat in there. If you have soda, fruit drinks or a snack you will have to go into the lobby right outside the theater to eat or drink it along with the other cast members. Because it may get hot in the summer the best thing to bring with you for a drink would be water and the best type of snack to bring would be one that is healthier instead of junk food.