Neil Simon's "The Good Doctor"



Thursday, June 25th, 2015 at 7:30pm

Friday, June 26th, 2015 at 7:30pm

Saturday, June 27th, 2015 at 7:30pm

Tickets: $10


Alloway Township Municipal Building/Senior Center

(Auditorium, 2nd Floor)

49 South Greenwich Street, Alloway, New Jersey 08001

Directed by Daryl Halter


Celebrate life's ups and downs with THE GOOD DOCTOR, a farcical comedy from Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Neil Simon. With infectious humor, a writer gives life to a series of tales inspired by Anton Chekhov's short stories. Poignant, touching, and funny, these vignettes draw inspiration from such varied characters as a suave seducer of other men's wives, a determined young actress, and a hapless government clerk.


Narrator: Matt Jordan

“The Sneeze”

Cherdyakov: William Jones

Cherdyakov's Wife: Ayanna Chapman

General: Matt Ditizio

General's Wife: Jenna Rentzel

“The Governess”

Mistress: Shannon Sheridan

Julia: Nicholette Parente

“The Surgery”

Dentist: Phil Bobbitt

Priest: Matt DiTizio

“Too Late for Happiness”

Older Man: Dale Roberts

Older Woman: Jenna Rentzel

“The Seduction”

Seducer: William Jones

Husband: Phil Bobbitt

Wife: Keely DiTizio

“The Drowned Man”

Narrator: Matt Jordan

Sailor: William Jones

Policeman: Uziel Cortez

“The Audition”

Girl: Stacy Bachman

Offstage Voice: Matt Jordan

“A Defenseless Creature”

Assistant: David Watts

Banker: Matt DiTizio

Woman: Shannon Sheridan

“The Arrangement”

Father: Matt Jordan

Son: David Watts

Girl: Stacy Bachman

“The Good Doctor” was presented by special arrangement

with Samuel French Inc.

"The Runner Stumbles" (2014)


"Guaranteed to make you laugh! I know I did" - Julie Acton

"Great job by all! A fantastic show."

- Darryl Behnke

"I loved how it was so funny! I loved at almost everything!"

- Shabria Moore